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This section includes historical information regarding the Civil War, both in Texas and throughout the nation. It includes a historical overview, timeline, information regarding battles and weaponry, and a list of select Williamson County Civil War…

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Gutta Percha Lavage Syringe. This syringe is made of gutta percha, a sturdy rubber material, derived from the tree of the same name. Lavage syringes were used to rinse wounds and irrigate the ear canal.

Brass Three-Size Fleam for Bloodletting. This tool, called a fleam, is used to facilitate bloodletting. The smallest size is engraved with the brand, "Corwick".
Bloodletting was a practice implemented during the Civil War to attempt to heal soldiers…

Scalpel. This metal scalpel has a wooden handle engraved with "The PS CO". The metal blade is engraved with E R J. Rodgers & Sons, 6 Norfolk St., Sheffield, England.

Scalpels were used in the course of surgeries during the war. Those suffering…

Amputation Saw.jpg
Amputation Saw. This serrated bone saw is approximately 16 inches long with a metal blade and wooden handle.
Compared to modern medicine, medical knowledge during the Civil War was limited. Many lost limbs due to battle wounds or subsequent…
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