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Background Information.pdf
This section includes historical information regarding the Civil War, both in Texas and throughout the nation. It includes a historical overview, timeline, information regarding battles and weaponry, and a list of select Williamson County Civil War…

Display with Civil War-era Artillery. This display includes a variety of Civil War artillery of different sizes, including traditional bullets and the revolutionary minie ball. Two of these projectiles are deformed from impact.
The minie ball was a…

Canister Shot.jpg
Canister Shot, 5 pieces. Of these individual pieces of canister shot, four have become slightly rusted.

Canister shot consisted of a metal can filled with as many as 48 iron balls. When shot from a cannon, these iron balls exit the barrel and…

Bowie Knife.jpg
Confederate D-Guard Bowie Knife. This Civil War-era Bowie knife was hand made. The blade is approximately 10 inches long. The handle is hand carved wood. Named after the D-shaped nature of the guard, this large knife was popular during the war…

Wood and Minie.jpg
This piece of wood features a .58 caliber minie ball deeply embedded in a piece of wood. Invented by the French army officer Claude-Etienne Minié in 1849, minie balls revolutionized battle. They were smaller than the diameter of the rifle and thus,…

Hotchkiss Shell.jpg
This 3 inch Hotchkiss Artillery Shell was a very common shell type manufactured in the Civil War.
The shell itself has a diameter just under 3 inches (2.97 inches) and is 5.5 inches long. It would have been shot from a 3 inch wrought iron rifle.

Remington 44.jpg
This .44 caliber New Model Remington Army Pistol was manufactured by Eliphalet Remington & Sons around 1863.
These pistols were highly prized by both Union and Confederate soldiers for their significant firepower and accuracy. For the Union it was…

Percussion Pistol (2).jpg
1860s-era Double Barrel Percussion Pistol. This pistol is metal with a wooden handle and does not feature a brand name. It has 3 inch barrels.

Such handguns were popular at the time because they featured rotating cylinders, allowing the soldier…
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