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"Courage and Contradiction: Civil War Stories of Williamson County" is an educational website put forth by The Williamson Museum, which documents the artifacts, experiences, and stories of Williamson County residents living during the Civil War. On this site, you will find documents, images, and objects that tell the stories of the men, women, and children who lived through this difficult time in American history.

This site also features an interactive map showing the troop movements of the Williamson County Grays. Each city represents a destination at which the Grays stopped. Information about selected battles can be found here.

The collection entitled "Lesson Plans" includes the Civil War in Texas Trunk Manual both in its entirety and separated into specific sections. Additional items, such as song lyric sheets and images of uniforms, are also featured.

See the homepage for more information about the Civil War.

Visit www.williamsonmuseum.org for more information about The Williamson Museum.