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Permanent Collection


The permanent collection at the Williamson Museum contains objects, artifacts, and photographs that have been permanently gifted or donated to the museum.

Items in the Permanent Collection Collection

A letter written by Mary Hughes to her son, T.P. Hughes giving him advice on taking up arms in the Civil War.

In this letter she discusses her ailing health, her fear for his well-being, and laments Texas' decision to secede.

Letter from Mary Jane Boultinghouse to her husband, Daniel B. Boultinghouse discussing life on the home front and the many tasks she must tend to in his absence.
She mentions a rumor that furloughed men and deserters are being gathered to guard…

A Confederate States of America bond for $500 issued on October 8, 1862. This bond features a bond maturity date of "July 1, 1873" in the upper left corner and is signed by Robert Tyler. 17 twenty dollar coupons are attached to the bottom. It is…

Letter from Daniel B. Boultinghouse to his wife, Mary Jane Boultinghouse in which he requests that Brother Hoag stay with his wife until he can return. He reassures his wife that all is well with him.

Letter from Mary Jane Boultinghouse to Daniel B. Boultinghouse. Mary Jane relates the troubles she faces at home, including sick and starving cattle.
The letter is written on paper from "E.W. Talbot/ Dealer in Staple and Fancy Dry Goods/ Boots,…