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Camp San Saba Grain.JPG
Receipt, Grain Sacks to Camp San Saba. This receipt is written on stationary from the Quartermaster's Office, which was an office designated to distribute supplies to the troops. Dated May 20, 1863, this document chronicles the sale of 2 sacks of…

Slave Bill of Sale.jpg
Slave Bill of Sale. This handwritten bill of sale documents the sale of a 22 year old young man, "sound in boddy (sic) and mind", named Miles to Collin Forbes, by R. C. Pearce on Jan. 23, 1864. This enslaved man was sold for $1,500.

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Alex Harris Store.jpg
The Alex Harris Store. This is a black and white photograph of a store where traders could barter for goods, trading items such as hides and farm produce. This photograph also features a covered wagon with mules and horses harnessed to it. There is a…

Mill and Store at Gabriel Mills.jpg
Mill and Store at Gabriel Mills. This early photograph features a mill and store at Gabriel Mills in Taylor. The operator, Mr. Beckman is standing in the doorway. This building was built in 1860 and withstood the Civil War. It stood until its…

Certificate of Disability.jpg
Certificate of Disability for Daniel B. Boultinghouse dated July 14, 1862. Surgeon John E. Walker examined Daniel and found him to be unfit to perform military service due to chronic lung disease.

Letter from Mary J. and Sarah E. Boultinghouse to Daniel B. Boultinghouse, dated December 20, 1863. Mary Jane wrote about writing previous letters on the 5th, 7th, 16th and 17th. The second part of the letter, written on the 24th of December, talks…

From DB Boultinghouse 10091863.jpg
A letter from Daniel B. Boultinghouse to Mary Jane Boultinghouse. Boultinghouse writes from a camp near Chappel Hill on October 9, 1863.
In this letter to his wife he discusses the march to Houston and his ailing health, as he is fighting off a…

In this letter from Mary Jane Boultinghouse to her husband, Daniel Boultinghouse, she discusses practical matters including knitting socks for him. She reports that General Green is in Austin. She also recounts that African American residents will be…

JH Russel to DB Boultinghouse Back.jpg
A letter from J.H. Russel to his brother, J.B. Boultinghouse, in which he expresses sympathy for his brother's loss of his "little boy". This letter was written from Camp Cleaver. Russel was in Company C, 3rd Regiment.

Letter from Mary Jane Boultinghouse to Daniel B. Boultinghouse. Mary Jane relates the troubles she faces at home, including sick and starving cattle.
The letter is written on paper from "E.W. Talbot/ Dealer in Staple and Fancy Dry Goods/ Boots,…
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