Courage & Contradiction

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Receipt, Grain Sacks to Camp San Saba. This receipt is written on stationary from the Quartermaster's Office, which was an office designated to distribute supplies to the troops. Dated May 20, 1863, this document chronicles the sale of 2 sacks of…

A copy of the New York Herald Newspaper from 1863.

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Letter from Mary J. and Sarah E. Boultinghouse to Daniel B. Boultinghouse, dated December 20, 1863. Mary Jane wrote about writing previous letters on the 5th, 7th, 16th and 17th. The second part of the letter, written on the 24th of December, talks…

A letter from Daniel B. Boultinghouse to Mary Jane Boultinghouse. Boultinghouse writes from a camp near Chappel Hill on October 9, 1863.
In this letter to his wife he discusses the march to Houston and his ailing health, as he is fighting off a…

A letter from J.H. Russel to his brother, J.B. Boultinghouse, in which he expresses sympathy for his brother's loss of his "little boy". This letter was written from Camp Cleaver. Russel was in Company C, 3rd Regiment.

Letter from Daniel B. Boultinghouse to his wife, Mary Jane Boultinghouse in which he requests that Brother Hoag stay with his wife until he can return. He reassures his wife that all is well with him.

Letter from Mary Jane Boultinghouse to her husband, Daniel B. Boultinghouse discussing life on the home front and the many tasks she must tend to in his absence.
She mentions a rumor that furloughed men and deserters are being gathered to guard…
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