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Camp San Saba Grain.JPG
Receipt, Grain Sacks to Camp San Saba. This receipt is written on stationary from the Quartermaster's Office, which was an office designated to distribute supplies to the troops. Dated May 20, 1863, this document chronicles the sale of 2 sacks of…

Certificate of Disability.jpg
Certificate of Disability for Daniel B. Boultinghouse dated July 14, 1862. Surgeon John E. Walker examined Daniel and found him to be unfit to perform military service due to chronic lung disease.

CSA Bond.jpg
A Confederate States of America bond for $500 issued on October 8, 1862. This bond features a bond maturity date of "July 1, 1873" in the upper left corner and is signed by Robert Tyler. 17 twenty dollar coupons are attached to the bottom. It is…
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