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Courtesy of Tommy Gonzalez


United States -- Texas -- Williamson County.
War (Civil War).


This collection is courtesy of Tommy Gonzalez. We would like to thank him for the generosity he has shown the museum.

All photographs are courtesy of Georgene Richaud. Georgene, thank you for your contribution!


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Collection Items

Union Veteran Medals
Two Union Veteran Medals in case. These star-shaped medals are inscribed with "Grand Army of the Republic, 1861-Veteran-1866". The medal hangs from a ribbon showing the Union flag and a blue bar, one of which features an eagle.

The engraving on…

Model 1860 Light Cavalry Saber
Ames brand light cavalry sword, dated 1864. The base of the blade is engraved with "US MM 1864" and on the other side, "Chicopee, Mass.". This was the most common cavalry sword at the time, with 200,000 being produced by Ames by the end of the Civil…

1863 New York Herald Newspaper
A copy of the New York Herald Newspaper from 1863.

Double Barrel Percussion Pistol
1860s-era Double Barrel Percussion Pistol. This pistol is metal with a wooden handle and does not feature a brand name. It has 3 inch barrels.

Such handguns were popular at the time because they featured rotating cylinders, allowing the soldier…

Folding Cup with Cardboard Case
1860s-era folding cup with cardboard case. This sturdy cardboard case has a faux-leather exterior for decoration. The collapsible cup consists of five interlocking rings.
Such easily-stored cups were popular and useful personal items for soldiers.

New Model Remington .44 Caliber Pistol
This .44 caliber New Model Remington Army Pistol was manufactured by Eliphalet Remington & Sons around 1863.
These pistols were highly prized by both Union and Confederate soldiers for their significant firepower and accuracy. For the Union it was…

Hotchkiss Artillery Shell
This 3 inch Hotchkiss Artillery Shell was a very common shell type manufactured in the Civil War.
The shell itself has a diameter just under 3 inches (2.97 inches) and is 5.5 inches long. It would have been shot from a 3 inch wrought iron rifle.

Southern Cross of Honor Medal
Southern Cross of Honor Medal. This medal was created by the United Daughters of the Confederacy to be given postwar to Confederate veterans who showed valor in battle. The medals were created in 1898 and distributed beginning in 1900.

The back…

Piece of Wood with Inset .58 Caliber Minie Ball
This piece of wood features a .58 caliber minie ball deeply embedded in a piece of wood. Invented by the French army officer Claude-Etienne Minié in 1849, minie balls revolutionized battle. They were smaller than the diameter of the rifle and thus,…

Amputation Saw
Amputation Saw. This serrated bone saw is approximately 16 inches long with a metal blade and wooden handle.
Compared to modern medicine, medical knowledge during the Civil War was limited. Many lost limbs due to battle wounds or subsequent…
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