Civil War Give and Take

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Civil War Give and Take


United States -- Texas -- Williamson County.
War (Civil War).


In this activity, students will match Civil War items with their descriptions.

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The Williamson Museum


Civil War in Texas, Trunk Manual







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Identify personal items of a Civil War soldier
Appreciate the sacrifices of the soldiers and their families
Describe differences and similarities between Union and Confederates


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Civil War Give and Take Answer Key
Civil War Give and Take Answer Sheet

Lesson Plan Text

Introduction: Soldiers would carry their cards, dice, writing utensils, letters, and other necessary goods for passing time in their haversacks. Soldiers often had to carry these supplies as well as several other things that they needed with them at all times. The types and amounts of supplies available to these soldiers depended on the resources of their armies. Both the Union and the Confederacy militaries had certain resources available to them that the other side did not. These circumstances provided advantages and disadvantages to both the Union and the Confederacy that each soldier had to deal with in their daily lives. This lesson will provide a personal perspective of a soldier’s life. What happened when he wasn’t on the battlefield? Did they have fun? What did they eat?

Getting Ready for the Lesson:
1. Line each trunk item up within easy view of the students. Hold up each item and ask the students if they were thinking about survival, comfort, and how much weight to carry, would they take this item with them, dispose of this item, or take it and dispose of it later if necessary? Lead the discussion by presenting the importance of each item (defined in Teacher’s Item Description handout).
2. Describe the differences and similarities between supplies for the Union and the Confederacy. Ask the students why each side might have some items (and/or advantages) that the other side did not have.
1. Teacher reads the descriptions.
2. The class writes the answer in question form on their answer sheet.
3. Then students write in paragraph form if they would keep it or not (with an explanation). For example: The Union had it and the Confederacy wanted it but could not get it because shipments were blocked. Answer: Coffee (See Teacher Item Description in back of book). This item would be kept because it could be so difficult to obtain.


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The Williamson Museum, “Civil War Give and Take,” Courage & Contradiction, accessed August 5, 2020,

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