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Hotchkiss Shell.jpg
This 3 inch Hotchkiss Artillery Shell was a very common shell type manufactured in the Civil War.
The shell itself has a diameter just under 3 inches (2.97 inches) and is 5.5 inches long. It would have been shot from a 3 inch wrought iron rifle.

Wood and Minie.jpg
This piece of wood features a .58 caliber minie ball deeply embedded in a piece of wood. Invented by the French army officer Claude-Etienne Minié in 1849, minie balls revolutionized battle. They were smaller than the diameter of the rifle and thus,…

Canister Shot.jpg
Canister Shot, 5 pieces. Of these individual pieces of canister shot, four have become slightly rusted.

Canister shot consisted of a metal can filled with as many as 48 iron balls. When shot from a cannon, these iron balls exit the barrel and…

Display with Civil War-era Artillery. This display includes a variety of Civil War artillery of different sizes, including traditional bullets and the revolutionary minie ball. Two of these projectiles are deformed from impact.
The minie ball was a…
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